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Billing & Insurance

We take some private and managed care insurances, but please call our office to find out more. We always accept private pay as well, along with HSA/FSA accounts.


If your insurance requires a referral prior to beginning speech therapy services, please have your referring physician fax it to 740-539-8823.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your attendance policy?

Whether we recommend 1, 2, or 3 sessions per week for you or your child, you are agreeing to fulfill that/those sessions per week for improvement with you/your child’s goals. You are allotted 2 free cancellations per year. If you exceed 2 cancellations per year, you will receive a warning that your/your child’s therapy slot is in jeopardy. This includes emergency, non-emergency, and vacation cancellations. You will also be responsible for the full fee for the session if there are more than 2 cancellations per year. 

How will I be billed for services? 

You will provide a credit card along with your intake information. Your provided credit card will be charged automatically within a week of your session through our Simple Practice billing system. If you are in-network with insurance, we will run a Verification of Benefits (VOB) to determine your benefits. Based on the information provided by your insurance carrier, we will charge the amount you are responsible for at the time of the session (or within the two weeks after your session). If you are out-of-network, you will receive a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) that will outline your fees. This fee will be charged at the time of the session (or within a week of your session).

What forms of payment are accepted? 

We accept credit card payments only. You may use HSA/FSA funds as well.

Where will services be provided?

We provide services in our clinic, but if you are too far or are sick and would like to do your session via teletherapy, we can easily accommodate teletherapy.

Can I drop off my child and come back when the session is over?

Please stay on the premises at all times in case of emergency or toileting needs. If you have left and do not arrive in time for the end of the session, you will be charged a full session fee in addition to the session fee that was completed.

Can we continue therapy if our insurance benefits run out?

You can definitely continue therapy if you have exhausted your benefits for the year. You can pay privately to continue.

Can I be present for my loved one's visit?

Yes! We currently prefer one caregiver at a time in the session due to space limitations but realize there may be exceptions to this.

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