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School to Home Communication Cards


FREE RESOURCE FOR PARENTS! Use these cards to communicate with your child to see how their day went in school.

School to Home Communication Cards
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"Use these communication boards and picture choices to allow your student or child to share some information about there school day special classes and what kind of day they may have had at school."

At my practice, I help children with autism communicate. One way to help children communicate is to find a subject to talk about and then provide visual aids about that subject to start a conversation. That's why I really like the School to Home Communication Cards by AutismEducators.

Parents who have students with autism can get these cards for free! They are easy to use and can help parents increase the vocabulary and oral motor skills of children with autism. It will also help with social skills as the children learn how to have a conversation with their parents about a familiar subject.

I would encourage parents to download this free resource and give it a try with their children at home. In addition to using these cards, I would encourage parents to bring these cards with them when they visit me at my office. We can create a program for you and your child today that will help drastically improve their ability to express and understand the spoken word.

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